Support / Software Downloads

Some of the files below must be decompressed. WinRAR is a free download and will decompress .rar files as well as .zip files.

 Download WinRAR here


Loader 1 - Firmware Updater Download Software | PDF (User Manual)
ODSedit 1.6 - Channel Editor Download Software | PDF (User Manual)

Newest Firmware

VS2000 Platinum Factory Bin File ~ V2061 Download Software March 10th '06
VS2000 Xtreme Factory Bin File ~ V2061 Download Software March 10th '06


Viewsat VS2000 User Manual ~ V0106 PDF (User Manual)

NOTE: New more detailed user manual coming soon.

For tech support , call 760-754-9880 (option 4) during normal business hours of 9am to 5pm PST or email tech support at .






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